About Me

A picture of me

I’m a future grad student looking to investigate computation as a medium for machine instruction and human expression. I have broad interests, love learning, and love teaching.

I graduated from Harvey Mudd in May 2017, where I studied Computer Science, Math, and Physics. While there I worked on projects in many areas, from computational biology, to data structures, to program analysis, to digital design, to the syntax of human language. I was also involved in a number of other ways: teaching a class on Rust, interviewing prospective students, and serving as the Judiciary Chair of the Honor Board. I believe deeply in the institution and the ideals that it aspires to.

I spent my summers at J.P. Morgan (building automation tools), Facebook (protyping a 10GB/s data pipeline), Harvard (doing program analysis on unsafe Rust), and Coursera (building features for online degrees). I’m presently taking a gap year to teach at a high school in Windsor, Connecticut.

In the Fall of 2018 I’ll begin my Phd. in Computer Science at Stanford.